The Book of the Wehrsport

145 German Smallbore Training Rifles 1920/1945

Das Buch des Wehrsports

145 Deutsche K-K-Wehrsportgewehre 1920/1945

Deluxe 384 color pages book, dealing with German Smallbore Sporting  & Training Rifles during the period 1920/1945 -

2838 cut-out color photographs detailing 145 smallbore rifles, diopters, 22 mm scopes, accessories, ammunition, shooting medals, targets, manufacturers catalogs and prospectuses  -


Mauser Prototype DSM38  sn: V135

Mauser Prototype Es 360  sn: V152

Mauser Prototype Match mod39 sn: V154

ERMA KKW Prototype  sn: 3

Dedicated ERMA Cutuway Demonstration K98k

Zimmerstutzen Deutches Sportmodell .4mm lang Prototype sn: 1


More than a hundred thousand of smallbore rifles were used for paramilitary groups and associations; G98 and K98k design smallbore rifles as well as sporting smalbbore rifles were sent to DJ, HJ, RAD, SA, NSKK, HEER, LUFTWAFFE, KRIEGSMARINE, SS schools.


Before and during the Second World War, German gunsmiths manufactured a wide variety of small-caliber rifles, both for sport shooting and paramilitary training. These weapons are fascinating, both by the variety of models produced, and by the very high quality of the materials used to make them, their manufacture and their finish. A long-time passionate about these weapons, the author has presented  a complete panorama of the .22, 4mm guns and airsoft guns in his book, as well as their accessories. He has endeavored to show only rifles in perfect condition, which allows the reader to have the pleasure of contemplating weapons in a state very close to what it was supposed to be when they left the factory. This richly illustrated book is now the reference book on this subject .

Luc Guillou - Author and expert in antique weapons.

Articles by B.Guigues in the journals "Gazette des Armes" and "Cibles"


The author probably holds the most important collection of German training rifles 1920-1945 in Western Europe.

He has worked on various publications on this subject with J. Speed, published by Collector Grade Publications Canada, by providing photographs and documents of the time. He also published several articles on neighboring subjects in the "Gazette des Armes", a few years ago.

In order to create a reference book and a guide for collectors, the theme is ranked by manufacturers and the main parts made up of iconography  of excellent quality (very little text). Besides rifles, are also covered the match targets,small caliber conversions units for Mauser rifles, optics, badges & shooting prizes, catalogs & instructions, etc.

The set has no equivalent, even in the US specialised literature.

Bruce MALINGUE - Associate member of the French national company of experts in arms and ammunition.


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